Making of „InShoes Magzine No. 3 2010“


Making of „Shooting with Marcus Pummer“


Cape Town 2010

once again i decided to spent some nice weeks in the warm.
so i’ve been most of february and march 2010 in beautiful Cape Town.
…this time with a new Agency (
And again, i’ve met so many awesome people! 🙂
This „making of“ pictures here are just a little sneak peek how beautiful the city at the Cape can be.

One precious day, my sweet friend Anja took me to the Cape of Good Hope. I loved it so much – it’s beautiful.

But of course there was so much more going on then just some sightseeing… ^^

For example,

i had a really great time shooting with Antti Vitala in the wineland…

…or the shoot with my friends Cati & Jon – so much good times with you guys 😉

…or the opportunity shooting the new campagne for the Netherland Clothing Label ALAN RED with the stunning Alexa Singer

…or the 2 day shooting with a great team from UK … 2 issues for Office Magazine.
First day up on the Mountains of Cape Town..

..and the following day on the beach.

…or again with my friend Jon Cottam

and last but not least the really funny shooting with the german photographer Britta Sönnichsen

and the stunning shooting with Andreas Ande from Düsseldorf and the really extraordinary Charlbi Kriek!

And this is just a small selection of all the nice stuff happening to me in Cape Town 2010 – can’t wait to go back there!

Making of „Tchibo Magazine 12/09“

December 17-18th 2009
Shot Tchibo Magazine the last 2 days
a lot of fun, awesome people, awesome crew

Making of „WM-Shooting“

October 22nd 2009
WM Fan Shooting today …
probably one of the most funniest shootings i did by now
Pictures by Sebastian Vollmert
Styling by the beautiful Shirin Abbas c/o Liga Nord Hamburg

Making of „Robyn for Intro Magazine“

Shot the Singer Robyn (Robin Miriam Carlsson) today for Intro Magazine.
She’s amazing… was such a fan in the late 90’s.
If it happens that you don t know her, check her out (

that s the result

Making of „Shooting Stanfour“

Shooting Stanfour with Michael Petersohn

Cape Town 2009

In the beginning of 2009 i’ve joined an Make Up Representive Agency (
in Cape Town and spent most of january till march there. It was beautiful and i am sure I’ll be back soon.

Making of „Jungstil Catalog“

Making of „Pantene pro-V“ Commercial in Cape Town 2009